We have specialist Support Workers for learning disabilities, physical disabilities and mental-ill health; their expertise and experience is available across all of our services. We understand how a service user’s disability can impact on their lives in terms of communication, social interaction and day to day living. We devise the care plans with our service users and their families or representatives focusing on their abilities and aspirations.

With a long standing reputation for delivering and providing expert services, We also are fully involved in advocating and championing rights for people with learning disabilities. Our Support Workers are highly trained and have an extensive knowledge of many different areas of people with Special need. These include: challenge behaviours; autistic spectrum disorders; complex health needs; communication difficulties; sensory impairment. We have considerable experience of supporting individuals with:

  • Challenging behaviour
  • Autistim
  • Complex needs
  • Drug and alcohol dependency

We aim to provide care and support for our service users so that they can live their lives the way they want to.

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We value your ideas and will work together with you and your loved ones to develop a personal support plan that will meet your daily needs and enhance the quality of life in your own home.

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