Allfor Care Services Limited is taking step to reduce Carbon emissions.

Allfor Care is increasingly responding to climate-related emergencies here in the UK and abroad.

For this reason, we’re committed to doing our part to reduce carbon emissions.

We believe this makes good sense environmentally and economically.

Reducing carbon emissions

Since our buildings are responsible for most of our CO2 emissions, we’ve made changes to how we manage energy by introducing new processes to cut costs and carbon. See how we’ve done this below.

Tackling our emissions

We took the following steps to cut our emissions:

Appointed carbon champions to identify areas of improvements in our buildings and communicate the messages.

installed solar light on our buildings

Expanded our video conference facilities and made deliberate cuts to our travel budgets to reduce travel.

We turn off light and equipment when not in used.

We changed our ways of working:

Only travel when necessary and use video conferencing instead.

control heat and power in our buildings

Reduce waste on packaging for bought-in goods.

recycle paper, card, metals and plastics

tell new staff and volunteers about our environmental and carbon reduction policy

We upgrade company car to hybrid and is now installing charging point at all our offices .

We encourage Car Polling with our staff and roster our working in geographically location.

We provide staff with electrical scooter to get around in the community.

Make Carbon Emission a part of our induction training.

Challenge those who don’t follow the policy.

Monitoring, reporting and reducing emissions is important, so we:

Report to senior management on environmental issues and achievements

Create minimum environmental standards for current and future suppliers.

To find out more, please contact us:

Green Policy

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